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Computer applications have become a crucial component of routine corporate operations as a result of the advent of automation. All significant business operations, including accounting, finance, and human resources, are fully automated and digitalized via a variety of software. Every company, however, is different and has a distinct set of procedures. This creates a necessity for developing specialised applications. To make the apps useful, however, application development requires a particular level of experience and expertise. The UTK team has a lot of expertise delivering different apps, which helps our clients succeed.


Web Services

Web Application Development

UTK provides a variety of web application development services at competitive prices to enhance, create, manage, and better maintain your web content. To meet your demands, we offer a full range of services, including a website, web apps, e-commerce, enterprise applications, and much more.

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Mobile Application Development

UTK is a top developer of mobile applications for the iOS and Android operating systems. Our main priorities are providing our clients with high-quality solutions and making the projects profitable. We are experts at developing mobile apps for businesses and users on demand.

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Engagement Areas

Custom Software development

We are prepared to assist you with your demands for custom software development, whether you require a website, a web application, a desktop app, or a mobile app. We not only assist you in defining your development requirements, but we also support you in developing your solution by guiding your selections.

Product development

We are aware that product development is agile and that your requirements may change over time. We employ best practises from several sectors, such as GIT repositories, CI, TDD, and Scrum, to make sure your product is always prepared for deployment. To maintain transparency on product progress, we make use of project management platforms like Jira and Zoho projects.

Enterprise applications

Using well-known enterprise apps and frameworks like Salesforce, Dynamics 365 firm apps, Azure, Magento, and AWS, we digitally change your firm. Using business intelligence solutions like PowerBI and Einstein Analytics, we assist you in better visualising your organisation data.

Proof of Concept(POCs)

Having a thought in mind? Do you want to see if it will work? You can validate your idea using a Proof of Concept (POC) on a very tight budget. We assist you in developing POCs using cutting-edge technologies to verify your product development objectives.

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