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End-to-End Big Data Development Services

Big Data Development Services

Although no two Big Data services cases are the same, a thorough methodology is needed to cover the entire lifecycle.

Data strategy: Creating a clear roadmap based on current company requirements will guarantee the greatest results from deploying data solutions software. In order to accomplish this goal, our team is prepared to research and carefully examine the data provided by the clients and to provide the best Big Data approach.

Data management: To prepare raw data for subsequent processing, our Big Data specialists may combine, extract, clean, and validate it. To improve data reliability, we set up effective storage solutions, modify ETL procedures, and use the best backup and recovery techniques.

Data processing: Our experts employ a variety of methods and techniques depending on the nature of the Big Data problem to provide valuable insights from raw data. With years of experience providing Big Data analytics services, we use effective algorithms to spot abnormalities, recurring trends, and discrepancies in various data sets.

Data visualization: At this point, business users might be presented with the insights obtained from the preceding activity. Using various analytical interfaces, such as dashboards, storyboards, and other data storytelling tools, we translate and graphically represent the data.

What you can Get with Big Data Software Development

Drive Business Agility

With the aid of our Big Data software development services, you may identify important trends and discrepancies among various data sets. With this knowledge, it is simpler to identify new business possibilities, predict future trends, and react to disruptions quicker than rivals.

Automate Data Flows

Automation of repetitive jobs and processes is possible with the right data processing infrastructure. Employees gain significant time back as a result, allowing them to quickly begin more complicated activities.

Ensure Corporate Security

Big Data makes it possible to store and handle enormous amounts of diverse data as well as detect and stop cybersecurity attacks. All of this aids in the continuous data synthesis and 24/7 scanning and examination of internal and external data sources. We may modify your product to comply with sector-specific security regulations as a Big Data development business with years of experience.

Improve Customer Service and UX

Customer data can be continuously retrieved and analysed thanks to big data, which can then be utilised to personalise goods and services. Additionally, you can surpass nearby rivals by converting more visitors into devoted and repeat clients with our support.

Manage Risks

Software development using Big Data analytics can assist businesses in quickly reducing risks and addressing potential dangers. Our data science development organisation employs a suitable risk mitigation technique to increase efficiency, service level, and profitability, supported by precise insights and projections.


You may separate data silos into manageable bits of useful information with BI and data analytics. As a result, you can use these insights to create new tactics, goods, and services and acquire a crucial innovation key.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities that Drive Innovation


We can create a clear roadmap of data-centric activities in your firm as a Big Data and data science development company with experience in technology-intensive sectors.

With our help, you'll be able to draw valuable conclusions from both structured and unstructured data sources and present them in visually appealing reports and findings.


Using a combination of Big Data and AI/ML technology, we assist businesses in realising their full potential. Because of its convergence, businesses are better equipped to anticipate and seize new business possibilities, investigate consumer behaviour, and glean unexpected insights from vast amounts of data.

With our help, you will be able to fully utilise this cutting-edge technology combination and revolutionise the way you handle huge datasets.


On top of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, our team creates effective real-time data processing workflows to address the most pressing issues with big data storage, processing, and visualisation. Utilise the reliable, resilient, economical, and scalable nature of data storage by combining Big Data and the cloud.

Next-Gen Big Data Analytics Services and Solutions

Predictive Analytics

Our Big Data creation firm is skilled at offering the most accurate forecast of what is ahead. Using tried-and-true statistical methods and state-of-the-art algorithms, we may look at recent and past data to forecast future events. We can help you get the information you need to lower risks, streamline operations, forecast client behaviour, and boost income.

Customer Analytics

With insightful information on correlations and outliers in user behaviour over the whole lifecycle, we improve processes that are relevant to customers. Our Big Data implementation services help our partners make well-informed decisions, personalise their products, and increase their revenue.

Risk Analytics

UTK can assist you whether you need to identify the underlying causes of liabilities, evaluate risk probabilities to remove roadblocks to corporate growth, or enhance overall business resilience. You will be able to take on a whole range of risk analytics activities with the help of our knowledgeable predictive analytics consulting firm, from general chores to completely unique, industry-specific applications.

Why Entrust Your Big Data Development to UTK

Well-established development process

We have developed a development method that moves at the speed of a clock, drawing from the years of experience of our developers. It enables us to start working right away and foresee potential trouble areas to handle without difficulty.


Almost majority of our big data experts are senior developers who have a solid grasp of the market. Their extensive professional experience is a wealth of knowledge that is essential for any project to succeed.

Love to overcome challenges

We are not afraid to take on the most difficult problems and find the most effective ways to solve them. Our system, which we use for yield management, creates 17 terabytes of marketing data and 2.5 terabytes of behaviour records each day. We enjoy intricacy, but we do not enjoy remaining motionless.

Choose What’s Relevant for Your Business

Architecture strategy and design

End-to-end data lake implementation

Big Data consulting

Data mining

Data aggregation and visualization

Data migration and maintenance

Big Data optimization

Cloud-based Big Data analytics

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